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jQuery Animated Button & Menu

The animated button & menu jQuery plugin allows you to easily replace <a> links with animated buttons and grouping buttons into a menu (drop down menu).


  • Package contains a code for drop down menu.
  • Buttons of any size.
  • Any background color, hover color and font.
  • Allows you to create animated buttons with images.
  • Create buttons with rounded corners (not supported in IE 7 and IE 8 ).
  • Transition easing for animation.
  • The button can be “selected” and “toggled”.
  • 16 different button animation effects.
  • You can determine the size of the animated elements.
  • Button autosize.
  • Fully customizable – unlimited number of button’s appearence combinations.
  • Buttons can be used in forms.
  • Buttons can be combined into a menu.
  • Package contains a plugin for building custom menus.
  • Cross-browser compatible – Animated Button is compatible with IE, CHROME , FIREFOX, OPERA , SAFARI.



New features:

  • included drop down menu

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