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Pure Rich Text Editor Lite

Recently Submitted v1.0.1 with Updates and Bug Fixes
– Sparadic button ‘on/off’ states improved.
– Code improvements
– Bug Fixes
– New Features
– HTML Source now available, view and edit!
– Customize buttons, add, remove and change the order

Replace your standard textarea box’s with this easy to use aesthetically pleasing simple ‘lite’ rich text editor.

This is the ‘lite’ version of a product I’m building at the moment, a full featured version will be coming in the coming weeks, however this is a good replacement if you need some standard styling within a textarea but don’t want to give the user too much control.

Initially this has been developed to replace the standard textarea box in a form and to provide a few extra features within the textarea box, useful for blog comment boxes, system administration areas and forms which require an improved textarea.

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